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Salted Caramel Whey Protein Powder – The Natural Whey


A Caramel Whey Protein Like Nothing You Have Ever Tasted Before

Deciding between a flavored or unflavored whey protein powder can feel like an impossible choice these days. Why not try something new and exciting and a break from the normal vanilla or chocolate. You’ll learn to love our caramel whey protein because of its unique and rich taste. It’s hard to gauge the quality (or even estimated quantity) of the whey that is in every scoop but WTF takes the guesswork out of the equation because we guarantee you’re getting the “real stuff”.

“The Natural Whey?” It’s one of the cleanest sources for protein in the country! You won’t find any artificial anything in there – just natural stevia and real ingredients. Your wallet will be happy because every scoop contains 75% real protein while other brands claim at least 70% and charge almost double the price.


The Earth’s Finest Protein Powder For Muscle Building

Natural Whey is ultra-filtered Non-GMO whey, providing the highest biological value of any protein source. This makes it ideal for building lean muscle. You will be happy to know that it contains both Papain and Protease for maximum protein absorption, as well as Whey Isolate for protein synthesis.


Cold Pressed and Factory Sealed For Freshness

Why is the ideal protein source of athletes, boxers, mma fighters, bodybuilders and anyone looking to get the highest quality protein for muscle growth. Our caramel whey protein powder is absorbed immediately by the body and floods your muscles with key amino acids. Natural Whey is perfect for taking immediately after you work out to feed your muscles when they crave protein the most.


Natural Whey Caramel Protein Features:

  • 24g Protein Per Scoop
  • Sweetened With Stevia
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Sweeteners
  • Digestive Enzymes For Absorption
  • Cold-Processed Whey
  • Non-GMO Whey




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Customer Reviews

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Danny Potvin
Amazing !!

The taste is awesome, but the reason I am now only using this product instead of any other protein is because it literally cuts off hunger! And it’s really easy to digest due to the digestive enzymes in it.. I prefer that taste over the chocolate; not to sweet, just perfect!

Fred C.

Fantastic flavor if you're looking for something that's not sweet. It's great to have options instead of having the same flavors over and over. Very high quality product as well (low sugar, digestive enzymes and sweetened with stevia).

One of my favorites

Ingredients are quality. Taste great! 10/10 would recommend the digestive enzymes are an amazing touch for this protein!

Incredible Product!

Recently ordered the WTF Salted Caramel Whey Protein and Wow the taste is incredible...quite possible the best tasting protein I have ever had. This coupled with the fact that it is all natural ingredients and has digestive enzymes makes this a real winner.